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What is the electro-portable propulsion system?

The TEMO 450 electro-portable propulsion system is an eco-friendly, universal and light, means of propulsion and steering that assists boaters in all waters and protects the environment at the same time. It is the lightest outboard motor in the world. It combines an oar and a motor into the next generation propulsion system.

Made in France and designed to adapt to all boat types and uses, the TEMO propulsion system allows you to navigate your dinghy or boat as well as your harbor and mooring maneuvers with ease. The system is portable and easy to charge.

The TEMO electro-portable propulsion system easily attaches to you boat and provides power and maneuverability for peace of mind

How does it work?

With its 450 W motor, the TEMO provides propulsive power of 200 W, equivalent to the thrust of 3 advanced rowers. There’s no complicated installation. The TEMO electro-portable propulsion system can propel sailing boats up to a weight of 500 kg. The system is electric and can be simply recharged by plugging it directly into a 240 V or 120 V socket for 3 hours. On a full charge, this provides 80 minutes of cruising in your boat, enough to reach shore or another boat with ease. Just use the rowlock fitting kit to simply attach it to your boat and pull the trigger to activate the propeller. Use the telescopic handle (from 130 – 170 cm) to maneuver the boat. The handle is ambidextrous and designed to be used by left- and right-handed people.

Accessories included with the TEMO

The TEMO 450S costs 1,450 Euros (about $1748 in the US) and includes the following:

  •  The TEMO 450 W motor with 3-blade propeller
  • A 220 V charger
  • Rowlock fitting kit to attach to your boat
  • Security device (safety strap and magnetic key)
  • Microfiber cloth

In addition, you can purchase replacement or spare parts, buoyancy kit, anti-theft device, 12 V charger, and transport bag. See the TEMO website for more information, videos, and reviews.

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