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What is a Luxury Submarine?

Welcome to the “Superyacht Submersible”! This is the ultimate luxury in scuba diving. Forget about carrying a heavy tank and squishing your face with a mask that’s too tight. Instead, sit back in the comfort of your own spacious Triton luxury submarine and soak in the nearly 360° panoramic undersea views. Dive down to 100 (330 feet), 200 (660 feet), 500 (1,640 feet), 1,000 (3,280 feet), 2,286 (7,500 feet), or 4000 (13,123 feet) meters to a whopping “unlimited” meters! As a guide, 200 meters (660 feet) is five times deeper than Scuba!

Where can you take your submersible? Virtually anywhere on the planet. You can explore a coral reef with its stunning diversity of sea life and absorb the incredible spectrum of color, photo-luminescent creatures, invertebrates, and numerous tropical fish. Now if you’re in New Zealand waters, you may see a giant squid. If you’re more adventurous, why not try Antarctica to experience an even more diverse environment filled with other mammals and species? Are you worried about how you will get your submersible to these exotic locations? There’s a solution to that. Triton Engineers will work with yacht builders to integrate your luxury submarine with your yacht or with a larger vessel.

Now, depending upon the Triton model you select, you can expect different payloads and different undersea times. These range from 2,500 kg for 2 people for 6 hours of exploring, up to 11,700 kg for 2 people for 16+ hours. Typically, the later is used more for deep sea exploration. Of course, you will need deep pockets to purchase one of these beauties, as they have a starting price tag of $1,000,000 for an entry-level sub.

Can I Customize My Luxury Submersible?

Triton Submarines offer a submersible that will suit your needs and budget. Select from leisure, professional, ultra-deep, to cruise and commercial. For larger groups, try the Triton 660/9 which will comfortably seat 9-11 passengers, while the Triton Deepview model will accommodate 12-66 passengers. Whichever luxury submarine model you desire, you can customize the interior, exterior, add specialist tooling, and external cameras, etc. Triton also partnered with “Aston Martin” to create absolutely luxurious interior trims that are each hand-crafted. Other inclusions are seats with drink holders, nifty storage, and wait for it…high-end surround sound audio!

Check out Triton Subs for a full range of their superyacht submersibles.

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